Monday, 9 June 2014

Cheeky Chica Hair Extensions

I first came across this brand of hair extensions after reading a review by Inthefrow on her blog (definitely check her out if you haven't already, one of my favourite bloggers!). I have needed new hair extensions for awhile and I have been putting off purchasing them (due to being a poor student). However, after looking at the Cheeky Chica website I was swayed by the 18" Quad Weft. This piece has 55g of hair on only four clips, which I think is really impressive. I struggle to fit a full set of extensions in my hair as it is quite thin and the clips can show through sometimes, so as much hair on as few clips as possible is a big plus for me. It is also currently reduced from £42.98 to £34.98, at such a good price I could not say no!

 I have to say.... I am so so so impressed with it! It arrived in beautiful purple packaging, which I forgot to take a picture of before I opened it (oops - too keen to see what it was like). As you can see below, the hair is all firmly attached and the clips are very strong and sown on well. This is the colour 'Golden Sands'.

When I first wore these extensions I wasn't sure if this weft would be enough on its own, so I was assuming I would have to mix it with some other pieces. However, I didn't feel I needed to do that. I don't think this would be the case if you have thick hair, but as mine is quite thin I think it blended in quite well on its own. So, if you have thin hair like me and don't necessarily need a full set, I really recommend this, or if you have quite thick hair it would be a great edition to a full set of extensions.

You can see how they look on me in the picture below. In the picture on the right there is a nice bit of extra length to my hair and it looks much fuller and thicker, which is exactly what I wanted.

From the front - you can see how well the weft blends in with my natural hair. I think this is quite impressive from just one piece of hair, and it saves a lot of time compared with putting in a full set. I would still consider adding some extra pieces if I want a thicker look, for example if I was curling my hair, but I am glad this piece looks ok on its own. 

I also have to mention that Cheeky Chica threw in a freebie lipgloss from Collection 2000, which is a gorgeous shimmery pink colour, perfect for a night out and what a lovely little surprise! 

Has anyone else tried Cheeky Chica hair extensions? What do you think? :)


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