Saturday, 24 May 2014

Models Own - Polish For Tans

I am going to start my blog by writing about my new favourite nail varnishes for summer – The Polish For Tans collection from Models Own. I have always loved Models Own nail varnishes and since following their Instagram account and entering a competition I was lucky enough to win my own Polish For Tans collection! As you can imagine I was over the moon, and when they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them.

There are five gorgeous colours and in the above picture of them going from left to right they are – ‘Beach Bag’, ‘Shades’, ‘Sun Hat’, ‘Flip Flop’ and ‘Bikini’.

These polishes have been designed specifically to enhance and compliment a tan, and this is certainly true! After applying some fake tan (hopefully a real tan soon!) and using these nail varnishes you can really see they go so well together. Such beautiful neon colours.

The quality of these is so good, I have had so many compliments since wearing them and someone even asked me if they were gel/ or shellac as they have such a nice shine to them.

Below are some pictures of me wearing the colours I have tried out so far. I haven’t tried ‘Flip Flop’ (the neon green) yet, not sure if I’m brave enough so might save this one for  when I'm on holiday. Check out my Instagram account for more pictures of my nail colours as I frequently post pictures.

                                                    'Beach Bag'


                                                           'Sun Hat' and 'Bikini'

Whats your favourite colour from this collection? Does anyone else think these are the best for summer this year? Leave a comment :)


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